Pimp My Band use cutting edge equipment to recreate the large variety of sounds in its repertoire.   Various sound modules, soft synths and samplers make up the fully integrated MIDI studio. Everything from the latest synths and loops in current pop songs, to acoustic instruments like Grand Piano, Brass and Strings, all the way to vintage sounds like Rhodes electric pianos and Hammond organs are faithfully reproduced. In addition, live instruments such as acoustic and electric guitars and backing vocals are added as required.

Professional quality effects are applied to individual tracks adding energy, ambience and sparkle.

Tracks are then mixed and bounced within the digital realm, maintaining highest sound quality with no unwanted noise.

Finally, all tracks are processed through professional mastering software to meticulously match levels and ensure consistency for live performance.


So here's some equipment specs for the tech buffs out there...


Sound Modules/Keyboards:-

Roland XV-5080 - fully expanded (see below)

Korg Trinity

NORD Stage

Roland JV-80

Korg Triton Le

Roland M-DC1 'Dance' module

Roland M-BD1 'Bass & Drums' module

Roland SRX Expansion boards:-

    SRX-01 'Dynamic Drums'

    SRX-05 'Supreme Dance'

    SRX-10 'Big Brass Ensemble'

    SRX-11 'Complete Piano'

Roland SRJV Expansion boards:-

    JV80-07 'Super Sound Set'

    JV80-09 'Session'

    JV80-11 'Techno Collection'

    JV80-19 'House'


Outboard gear:-

M-Audio Delta 1010 Audio Interface

M-Audio Midisport MIDI Interface

MOTU 828mkII Audio Interface

dbx 376 Tube Preamp

Audio Technica 4050 Condenser Mic

Line6 POD Pro XT

Sony MDS-E11 Pro Series MiniDisc Recorder

YAMAHA GC2020 Compressor

©2009 Pimp My Band